Research Study Shows A High-Fat Junk Diet May Fuel Anxiety

Researchers from the University of Colorado have revealed that junk food can disrupt gut bacteria, alter brain chemicals, and cause anxiety.

While much has already been written and investigated about the negative impact of junk food, the new study sheds light on the deep connection between disruption of gut bacteria and its impact on brain chemicals. 

The Study

The study, published in Biological Research, involved collecting fecal samples to analyze gut bacteria in two rat groups.

Researchers divided the two rat groups based on how much fat they will be consuming in the study.

One group consumed a standard diet with 11% fat for nine weeks, while the other group had a high-fat diet consisting of 45% fat. 

The Results

At the end of the study, researchers noted that the rats consuming a high fat diet showed less diverse gut microbiome.

Additionally, the researchers noted some genes were activated in a high fat group believed to cause anxiety-like effects when it activates other hormones. 

The research was published in Biological Research.

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