Dr. Rabia Khan

Dr. Rabina Khan got her Psychology doctorate from the University Of Science & Technology in Karachi, Pakistan. She writes about human psychology’s effect on current workforce & international Polititc.s
Turkish police forces standing alert after Ankara bombing

Suicide Bombing Rocks Turkish Capital Ankara

A suicide attack rocked the capital of Turkey this morning when two attackers attacked the government building. The attack took place in front of the interior ministry building ahead of the parliament opening session nearby. The police neutralized one of the attackers while the second one blew himself up. 

Trump Explains How Wild & Extreme His Second Term Would Be

During his visit to South Dakota, the former President Donald Trump explained how his next presidential term would look like.

In his natural tone, he urged supporters to use all their force otherwise they’ll lose their great country, the United States of America.

US Plans To Unleash Thousands of Autonomous War Drones

Amid China’s increasing military technological sophistication, the US has announced plans to develop autonomous weapons systems. The Pentagon is aiming to deploy thousands of high-tech weapons in the next two years to counter China’s growing military. 

Wearing Expired Contacts Can Be Dangerous, Doctor Warn

Health experts have been warning about using expired contact lenses as they may pose serious threats to eyes. Health experts have cautioned contact users to make sure they don’t use expired ones and frequently check the dates. An ophthalmologist Dr. Yuna Rapoport, explained the dangers in detail.