Dr. Rabia Khan

Dr. Rabina Khan got her Psychology doctorate from the University Of Science & Technology in Karachi, Pakistan. She writes about human psychology’s effect on current workforce & international Polititc.s

A Chinese Abandoned Village Is Taken Over By Nature

The village once abandoned by its residents has now become the sweet spot for the tourists in China. The village is located in Shengshan Island, called Houtouwan, eastern coast of mainland China. The village became empty in the last decade of the 20th century and has been taken over by green vegetation after 3 decades.

Scientists Reveal The “Off Button” of Our Immune System

Immune system is the primary defensive mechanism of our body that protects our body. It is a combination of multiple mechanisms at different levels so that our body is protected from external and internal threats. Latest research study reveals the driving force of our entire immune system.

Element Nutritional Sciences Could Be A Winner

Element Nutritional Sciences ($ELNSF) makes dietary supplements & they are about to release their new plant-based protein powder, which has shown to be much more effective than the typical “Whey Protein Powder”.

Saudi Woman Gets 45 Years In Prison For Twitter Post

DUBAI, UAE- A Saudi court has sentenced a woman to 45 years in prison for allegedly damaging the country through her social media activity, according to a court document obtained Wednesday. It was the second such sentence that has drawn the scrutiny of the kingdom this month. Nourah bint Saeed al-Qahtani is a Saudi Arabian

Proven List Of Supplements That Might Improve Your Health

Ask most doctors about supplements, and they will tell you that most of them are useless, which is true, but there are some supplements that scientists have done enough study to show that they actually might have a real effect on your health. We wanted to keep this article short and sweet, Below, you will

Video Shows Esmeralda Upton Harassing Indian Women In Plano, TX

LATEST UPDATE: Plano Police have arrested the suspect. In the footage below, Esmeralda Upton, a resident of Plano, TX seems to be harassing a group of Indian Women & at one point, she “pretends” she has a gun in her purse to scare away the women. Women was identified by various people on Twitter. Watch