We Are Ready For Nuclear War, French President Warns Putin

French President Emanuel Macron has said that France is ready for a nuclear war after Russian President Vladamir Putin Threatened to use nuclear weapons.

In response to Putin, Macron said that France is a nuclear country and threatening such a country is not wise.

Macron and Putin have been exchanging remarks recently amid concerns that the Russian invasion of Ukraine might spill over.

France is Ready

In interviews with French news channels TF1 and France 2 television, the French President claimed that his country was ready for any such threat from Russia.

“We must first and foremost feel protected because we are a nuclear power. We are ready; we have a doctrine,” Macron said.


Macron’s remarks echoed after Russian President Vladamir Putin threatened NATO that it’ll use nuclear weapons if Russian security was at stake.

The fear of Russia using nuclear weapons in Ukraine has echoed multiple times recently but experts believe that is far from happening.

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