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Mairead Books is an entertainment writer for TheMorningNews. She lives in Dallas, TX, and has been a senior writer for TMN for almost 3 years. She enjoys watching the latest TV shows and running interviews with locale celebrities.

More Than 800 UFOs Investigated, NASA Team Says

A group of scientists from NASA have revealed that they will have to look into more evidence to better understand the phenomenon of UFOs. The 16-members team was formed last year by NASA to investigate the possibility of UFOs independent of the Pentagon and US military. The panel said that more than 800 UFO reports were investigated but the agency required more data.

Remains of US War Hero Returned After 73 Years

The remains of a US soldier who died in the Korean war in 1950, were returned back home after 73 years. Army Cpl Luther Herschel Story got wounded and killed while fighting in the Korean war and was awarded with the Medal of Honor after the war.

Paralyzed Man Was Able To Walk Again After Brain Implants

A Dutch man was able to walk once again due to electronic brain implants. Gert-Jan Oskam was paralyzed in a cycling accident 12 years ago, due to which he couldn’t move both of his legs, but thanks to the electronic implants, he is now able to do so. He said he could now stand, climb stairs and walk again just by thinking about it.

Ukrainian Capital Saw Mysterious Object Falling From Sky

A mysterious object that lit up the skies of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, fell from the sky, vanishing immediately after it was captured on phones. The Air Force brushed aside speculations of a possible Russian missile because it didn’t explode and had no trajectory like that of the missile.

50% Of Unmarried Japanese Population Do Not Want Kids

A recent survey in Japan revealed that around half of the unmarried population have no interest in having babies. The survey was conducted by a pharmaceutical firm in Japan that has once again resurfaced the population concerns of the country. Out of all the young 400 participants of the study, half of them said that they can’t tolerate the burden of having kids because of economic conditions.

Online Class Cameras Cause Appearance Anxiety, Study Shows

The whole world turned online when the covid hit, turning everything from businesses, jobs, and education into a completely new dimension. Efficiency is being debated, but the anxiety part of online interaction has never been discovered. Recent study shows that online learning causes social appearance anxiety and reduces learning.

Australian Man Unearths Massive Gold Nugget Worth $160k

An Australian gold digger has found a massive gold nugget weighing around 4.6 kilogram in the goldfields of Victoria. The gold nugget was discovered in the area known as “Golden Triangle”, famous for its fertile agricultural land. 

Massive Tornadoes Devastate Mississippi Killing 23

Intense tornadoes have shattered parts of Mississippi on Friday night. Large number of buildings were destroyed in rural regions, where most of the dead were reported. More than 23 people were reported dead, according to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

US Military Video Shows Moment Russian Jet Hits US Drone

Two Russian fighter jets harassed a US drone over the black sea a day ago. A video released by the US military shows the moment the confrontation took place. The video footage shows Russian Su-27 fighter jets getting so close to the US drone that it hits its propeller, causing the drone to malfunction.

Baby Girl Mauled To Death By Pet Dogs

A little four-year-old girl was mauled to death by two rottweilers in the Australian state of New South Wales. The pet dogs attacked the little girl named Mia Riley, without any reason at a family barbecue. Two rottweilers suddenly attacked the little four-year-old without anyone provoking them. Her parents woke up to the horror and went straight to Moruya Hospital. 

Russian Satellite Mysteriously Blows Up In Orbit

A Russian satellite broke up in its orbit, according to the US Space Defence Squadron. The satellite blew up and the reason has not yet been investigated. The satellite after breaking up created a large, scattered scrap in the orbit.

5.9 Trillions Tonnes Of Ice Lost Due To Climate Change In 25 Years

Most scientists had once assumed that the massive Ice sheets of Antarctica were largely invulnerable to climate change, but not any more. During the past 25 years, the East Antarctic Ice Sheet has contributed significantly to rising sea levels, mainly caused by climate change. It is estimated if, due to some reason, the Eastern two-thirds of the ice sheet melted, the sea would rise by 52 meters.