Massive Hole 5 Times Bigger Than Jupiter Appears on Sun

NASA said a massive hole has appeared on the Earth’s surface.

The hole is five times bigger than the diameter of Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system.

The gigantic hole is releasing massive solar storms that are expected to reach Earth in three days.

Hole is Facing Earth

The Space Weather Live said the coronal hole on the sun’s surface is currently facing the Earth.

It said the spot is sending a solar wind stream towards our planet, which can reach us within three days.

Science Alert reported the hole will turn away from Earth after standing above us for some time.

What is a Coronal Hole

A coronal hole is a temporarily cool place on the sun’s surface with less dense plasma.

NASA says the hole can only be seen with UV or X-ray light.

They are like solar flares, releasing massive amounts of energy and appearing as dark patches on the sun.

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