Israel Declares War As Hamas Launches Surprise Attack

destroyed israeli tank

The Palestinian Islamist group attacked Israel from the southern side today (Saturday).

As per Al Jazeera’s report, more than 25 people have been killed so far while the fighting is still going on. Israel mobilized its military and has initiated bombing Hamas positions in Gaza.

Hamas Launches Operation

According to the latest updates, the militant group Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel by using sea, air and land.

The attack took the Israeli soldiers by surprise, a dozen of which were captured alive.

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman said the group infiltrated after firing thousands of rockets at Israeli positions.

US Embassy Urged Caution

The US embassy in Israel has urged the citizens to remain cautious and away from the conflict zone.

The embassy urged the US citizens to “take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness”. The Israeli government has declared an all-out war against the group based in Gaza. 

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