Slovakia Police Fines Motorist Whose Dog Was Behind Wheel

dog driving a car

Police in Slovakia fined a car owner whose dog was seen on the front seat, driving the car. An image, posted by police, from the speed camera in the village of Sterusy showed a smiling dog driving a Skoda. The 31-year-old car owner argued that the dog suddenly moved towards the front seat when the camera took the photo.

Police Said Driver Was Lying

In response to the car owner’s explanation, the police said the dog didn’t move at all. The police said there was no sudden movement in the car and the driver intentionally placed the dog in the laps. Police also urged the citizens to take care of their pets while driving as it can easily endanger your lives.

Police Fined The Car Owner

The BBC reported that they were not sure if the car owner was fined for over-speeding or failing to take care of his dog. Whatever the fine was about, the human life was out at risk in both the cases, that we know for sure.

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