September 30, 2023

Car submerged in heavy rain in NYC

New York City Declares Emergency After Heavy Rain

Heavy rains have flooded New York City with roads and subways entirely blocked. The city’s governor imposed a state of emergency and urged citizens to stay indoors to avoid casualties. The rain started pouring intensely after 7 am but the situation has calmed down slightly, authorities said. 

whale breaches close to a boat

Man Dies After Whale Flips The Boat in Australia

One man died and another one got injured when a whale struck their boat in Australia. The two men were fishing when their boat was hit by a whale in waters off La Perouse, 14 km of Sydney. People on another boat raised the alarm when they saw the unoccupied vessel in the water, police reported.

dog driving a car

Slovakia Police Fines Motorist Whose Dog Was Behind Wheel

Police in Slovakia fined a car owner whose dog was seen on the front seat, driving the car. An image, posted by police, from the speed camera in the village of Sterusy showed a smiling dog driving a Skoda. The 31-year-old car owner argued that the dog suddenly moved towards the front seat when the camera took the photo.