New York City Declares Emergency After Heavy Rain

Car submerged in heavy rain in NYC

Heavy rains have flooded New York City with roads and subways entirely blocked. The city’s governor imposed a state of emergency and urged citizens to stay indoors to avoid casualties.

The rain started pouring intensely after 7 am but the situation has calmed down slightly, authorities said. 

8 Inches Of Rain

In certain areas within the city, precipitation reached as much as 8 inches, the weather officials said. New York City’s Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency encompassing New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley in response to the exceptionally heavy rainfall affecting the entire region.

Mayor Eric Adams also told reporters that it was extremely difficult to move, and citizens must remain vigilant. 

Wettest September in 140 Years

The National Weather Service said the September month remained the wettest month in the last 140 years. Steve Bowen, Gallagher Re’s Chief Science Officer, highlighted that climate change is endangering cities like New York City, making the city more vulnerable to intense storms. 

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