Teenager Briefly Becomes Multi-Millionaire By Accident

A teenager accidentally became a millionaire after waking up to find 9 million pounds in his bank account. 

The 18-year-old Dane Gillespie didn’t win any lottery but instead went to the bank to deposit a £8,900 cheque from his grandmother into his account. The building society accidentally credited his account with £8.9 Million.

Nationwide Building Society Later Corrected The Details

Teen’s Family Shocked

Dane’s family was shocked to see the screenshots and couldn’t believe what happened. His mother, Caroline, said her son thought he became a millionaire for a few hours. She told The Mirror that she received a screenshot of the bank details from her husband before the details were corrected by the Nationwide Building Society.

Account Was Adjusted

Dane’s mother told his son that the building society might have mistakenly sent the money. “That’s not our money, we need to get this sorted’.” she told her husband after he suggested buying a Porsche. Caroline said her son was lucky enough to be a millionaire at least for a day. 

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