September 17, 2023

Teenager Briefly Becomes Multi-Millionaire By Accident

A teenager accidentally became a millionaire after waking up to find 9 million pounds in his bank account. 

The 18-year-old Dane Gillespie didn’t win any lottery but instead went to the bank to deposit a £8,900 cheque from his grandmother into his account.

Record Decrease in Antarctica Sea Ice, Scientists Warn

Scientists have been warning about decreasing Antarctica ice for decades, but the recent report is alarming. The report published by the BBC revealed that the sea-ice surrounding Antarctica has never been this low in winters. The satellite images also revealed a saddening image of the region that was once resistant to global warming.

Why is Wales Reducing The Speed Limit To 20mph?

In an effort to reduce burden on the National Health Service, Wales has reduced the speed limit to 20 miles per hour. The Ministers Have argued that the decision to lower the speed limit will reduce death toll and noise pollution across the nation.