Breathtaking Meteor Flash Lights up Night Sky in Turkey

A spectacular meteor lit up Turkey’s sky when it passed through right in the middle. Videos on social media showed an unexpected meteor that lit the sky green for a short while as it vanished in the corner. The meteor flew behind a bunch of clouds, but managed to light up the sky, before it sank into darkness after a while.

Meteor Vanished With Multiple Colors

An interesting thing about the recent sighting was the display of multiple colors of people on the ground witnessed. An Instagram user by the name Onur Kaçmaz, who was filming a child at a park, was able to capture the image where the meteor flew over displaying three multiple colors i.e. white, green and red.

The Meteor Colors

Meteor can display multiple colors depending upon the nature of the rock and the air it passes through. As per NASA, the outer layer of meteors vaporize as it enters the earth’s surface, emitting different colors. The green color usually denotes the presence of nickel and iron, the expats suggest.

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