Oprah Winfrey & The Rock Launch $10 Million Maui Relief Fund

Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson launched a massive $10 million relief fund for the victims of Maui wildfires. The People’s Fund of Maui will be making monthly payments to the victims to thousands of wildfires victims. 

$1,200 Per Month

The People’s Fund money will go directly to the pockets of those who suffered in the island wildfires. According to the BBC, the monthly payment the victims are expected to get is $1,200, which may likely increase as the donations are funneled by the public. The celebrities Oprah & Johnson jointly donated $10 million to kick start the fundraising campaign.

Fund Eligibility

The People’s Fund is aiming to fund people who lived in Lahaina and Kula on the island. The fund said only those who used to live in Lahaina and Kula and were displaced by the recent wildfires are eligible to apply on their website.

How To Apply?

One can go to The People’s Fund website at People’s Fund of Maui (eifoundation.org) to apply. The steps are simple and easy to follow.

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