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Amy Mays is an experienced journalist who has spent her career reporting for major news organizations. She has five years of experience in politics and news. Amy has experience in various topics, including environmental issues, business, and politics.

Mysterious Solar System Discovered Deep Inside Space

We, as the inhabitants of a solar system of our own, have never given a thought if there’s any other plenary system beyond ours. A new mysterious planetary, that is 90 light-years away, has just been discovered by scientists. But this solar system is unlike ours. The research was published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, a leading astronomy journal.

NASA’s New Gadget Creates Oxygen On Mars

Finally, NASA has come up with the news which could possibly be a stepping stone for human life on Mars. A device called MOXIE may help in sustaining human life by producing oxygen.

Pentagon Officially Started Looking For UFOs

Pentagon is soon opening a new section dedicated exclusively to investigate UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) sightings according to a statement released by the US Department of Defense. The new section will collect, analyze and conclude all the data gathered from all the branches of DOD including the Army, Navy, and Air force.

Windows 12 Is Already On Its Way

Microsoft is altering the way it releases main variations of Windows once more, and it might imply we see a Home Windows 12 launch in 2024. Windows Central reports that Microsoft is shifting again to a three-year launch cycle for windows which means the next major version of Windows is now due in 2024. It’s another big change to how Microsoft develops Windows.

NASA Begins Return To Moon Mission

NASA’s CAPSTONE mission, which will chart a new orbit around the moon that will hopefully be used for a future crewed lunar space station, is underway after a successful launch on Tuesday morning. Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle delivered the CAPSTONE satellite, which is roughly the size of a large microwave oven, to Earth orbit for step one of its lunar journey.

Elon Musk Wants To Cut 10% Off Tesla Jobs

Tesla will reportedly cut about 10% of jobs because its CEO Elon Musk has a ‘super bad feeling’ about the US economy. In a message sent to executives on Thursday, June 2nd, 2022, Musk laid out his concerns and told them to ‘pause all hiring worldwide’. The news follows Musk ordering Tesla staff back to the office saying Work From Home is ‘no longer acceptable’.

Ads On NETFLIX: The WHY, WHEN, And HOW Of The Massive Change Ahead

After years of resisting advertisements on its streaming services, Netflix is now open to offering lower-priced tiers with ads, co-CEO Reed Hasting said on Tuesday. He said during the company’s prerecorded earnings conference call, however, that it “makes a lot of sense” to offer customers a cheaper option.

Myraids Of People Appear At The Funeral Of Major Israeli Rabbi

Myriads Of People Appear At The Funeral Of Major Israeli Rabbi

An ultra-Orthodox rabbi died Sunday in a city in central Israel, his funeral attended by hundreds of thousands. As a child, he was raised in what was then British-ruled Palestine by his father, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, 94, one of the most influential scholars in the country’s religious community.  Born before the Holocaust, he was one

Russia Has Been Sacked By Council Of Europe From Human Rights Body

Russia Has Been Sacked By Council Of Europe From Human Rights Body

In a historic move, the Council of Europe exiled Russia from the continent’s premier human rights body over Russian military operations in Ukraine. According to a statement issued by the 47-nation Council of Europe’s committee of ministers, “the Russian Federation will no longer be a member of the Council of Europe as of today.” Russia

France Lifts COVID-19 Rules On Unvaccinated, Mask Wearing

France Lifts COVID-19 Rules On Unvaccinated, Mask Wearing

A number of COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in France on Monday, removing the need for face masks in most settings and letting people who aren’t vaccinated back into public venues like restaurants and sports stadiums, and other public places. Earlier this month, the French government announced the move in response to the improvement in hospital

People Around The World Booking Airbnb In Ukraine.

People around the globe are showing solidarity with the people of Ukraine with a creative way to send them funds: by booking Airbnb that they never plan to check in. In just past 7 days, people have booked well over 434,000 nights in Ukrainian cities via Airbnb. In the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, Volodymyr Bondarenko,