Israel Rejects First Ever Saudi Envoy To Palestine

Israel has categorically said that any attempt to open diplomatic representation to Palestine. Much has been happening behind the closed doors between the US and Saudi Arabia to shape the geopolitics of the Middle East. Meanwhile, Saudi recently appointed Nayef bin Bandar Al-Sudairi as an ambassador to the Palestinians and consul-general in Jerusalem.

What’s Going On Between the US & Saudi?

Officials form the US and Saudi Arabia have been exploring a possible solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the past 3 months. No official decision has yet been made as both sides seem reluctant to accept each other’s terms. White House spokesperson John Kirby said both sides have not agreed to the proposals and it’ll take some time. 

Will Saudi Recognize Israel?

As per the deal, the Saudi government is expected to recognize Israel in return for US defense guarantees. But for that to happen, Israel must agree to accept Palestinian right of statehood, which looks difficult as Israeli officials have made it clear that they wouldn’t agree to such a demand.

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