Oceans Are Heating up At An Alarming Rate, Experts Say

World’s oceans are heating up and the threat is real, according to climate experts. The global average ocean temperatures have increased to its highest point this week, reaching 20.96C and are expected to increase further, EU’s climate change service Copernicus reported.

Ocean Temperatures Highest on Record

The global ocean temperatures this week broke the last record set in 2016. The scientists of Copernicus suggested further increase and they have no idea how much increase we are going to see until next March. Human continuous intervention is putting oceans at more risk and the change is happening quicker than expected, Prof Mike Burrows said.

Why Does Ocean Temperature Matters?

Covering around 70% of land, oceans are natural temperature regulators put in place by nature to make our planet liveable. Oceans absorb 90% of the heat produced by humans and produce 50% of earth’s oxygen, disturbing which can be devastating for humanity. Further rise in temperature disturbs the food chain while some marine animals may become more aggressive.

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