August 4, 2023

Oceans Are Heating up At An Alarming Rate, Experts Say

World’s oceans are heating up and the threat is real, according to climate experts. The global average ocean temperatures have increased to its highest point this week, reaching 20.96C and are expected to increase further, EU’s climate change service Copernicus reported.

2 US Navy Sailors Arrested For Sharing Secrets With China

Two US navy sailors from California were arrested for allegedly passing down sensitive information to China. The Justice Department announced on Thursday that the two Navy officers exchanged sensitive military information with the Chinese agents for money.

Andrew Tate Released From House Arrest in Romania

A Romanian court has finally ordered the release of controversial social media personality Andrew Tate from house arrest. The 36-year-old social media figure was taken into custody, along with his brother, in December 2022 by the Romanian law enforcement for allegations related to sexual assault, human trafficking, and forming a gang to exploit women.