Melting Glacier Reveals Missing German Climber’s After 37 Years

A melting glacier in Switzerland has revealed the body of a missing German climber. The body was discovered by the Swiss police, ending a mystery of the missing climber who vanished in the Swiss Alps in 1986.

Melting Glacier Reveals A Dead Body

Earlier this month, climbers witnessed a pair of hiking shoes with crampons, but they never knew they were uncovering a mystery. Upon investigation of the DNA, the remains were traced back to the German climber who went missing near Switzerland’s iconic Matterhorn Mountain in 1986. The authorities didn’t name the climber but said he was 38-year-old when he disappeared.

Swallowed By Glacier

The abrupt rise in global temperatures are causing the glaciers to melt much faster, revealing people or things lost a long time ago. Last year, the authorities discovered a plane wreckage that crashed near Aletsch glacier in 1968. As time passes and glaciers melt more frequently, humans will continue to discover more secrets and wonders.

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