July 5, 2023

NASA’s Lost Helicopter On Mars Calls Back After Two Months

NASA was able to re-establish contact with a lost helicopter on Mars after two long months of silence. NASA’s small robotic helicopter Ingenuity, also known as Ginny, got lost on April 26 when it began its 52nd flight on the Red Planet. The agency has regained access to the helicopter and said the chopper is healthy.

Cocaine Found in White House Sparks Investigation

Investigation is currently underway after suspected cocaine was found in the White House on Sunday. The US secret services confirmed that the substance was cocaine, and it was found in the West Wing of the White House. The West Wing contains the oval office, the situation room and some other key areas where the presidential staff works.

Scientists Register World’s Hottest Day Ever Recorded

As the planet has been warming more and more, scientific data revealed that last Monday, 3 June, was the hottest day ever recorded on earth.  The US National Centers for Environmental Prediction claimed to have recorded the hottest day as global average temperature skyrocketed to an all-time high mark of 17.01C.