Beijing Records Hottest June Day in 60 Years

Heatwaves have become more and more frequent in the last few years, thanks to the increasing global temperatures. Chinese capital Beijing recorded the hottest day in the last 60 years with mercury hitting 41.1C (105.9F).

Hottest Day Since 1961

According to the Chinese weather authorities, 22nd of June was the hottest day since 1961, when the Chinese government started keeping weather records. Authorities in the capital, home to 21 million people, issued an orange alert to the public to take precautionary measures amid the record temperature.

Heat Stroke Alert

Although people sought temporary relief by visiting water reservoirs, the heatwaves are likely to remain a threat in the next few days. The Chinese national weather services issued a heat stroke warning a week ago and urged the residents to stay hydrated and avoid direct exposure to the sun.

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