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Why French Ambassador And Troops Are Leaving Niger?

The French government finally decided to leave Niger after ordering the diplomats to return back to the country. The Niger coup leaders in Niger hailed the decision as a victory for their country. Here, we briefly explain why France is leaving Niger, a landlocked country shattered by extremist violence.

Florida Suspends 4 Schools’ Scholarships Over Ties To China

Florida has suspended four schools from scholarship funds for having ties to the Chinese government. The decision to withdraw support to the schools is a part of Governor Ron DeSantis’ anti-China policies which, according to him, poses a security threat.

Great Wall of China Damaged By Workers With Excavator

Part of China’s ancient Great Wall was severely damaged by workers who wanted to create a shortcut. According to the police, two construction workers created a shortcut path right in the middle of the ancient wall with an excavator.

Man With Brain Implant Explains How It Feels To Have One

The robotic future is not coming anymore, because it has already arrived. Once thought to be science-fiction is now possible as more and more people are surgically inserting brain implants to treat neurological disorders and disabilities. Ian Burkhart, having a brain implant since 2014, explains how it feels to have a brain implant.

Elon Musk Says X Will Pay Legal Bills If Users Treated Unfairly

Elon Musk has said X, previously known as twitter, will pay legal bills of those users who are treated unfairly by the platform. The users who like something on the platform and face consequences will be paid by X and the financial assistance will have “no limits”, he said.

Beijing Records Hottest June Day in 60 Years

Heatwaves have become more and more frequent in the last few years, thanks to the increasing global temperatures. Chinese capital Beijing recorded the hottest day in the last 60 years with mercury hitting 41.1C (105.9F).