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The Ultimate Style Guide for Event Headwear 

What else is in full bloom this season besides Springtime flowers? Certainly, there’s no shortage of events and Event Wear Headpieces, Millinery, that are as much of a fashion statement as they are a reflection of character.  From the upcoming Central Park Conservatory Hat Luncheon, Hattitude for the Denver Center’s Women’s Voice Fund, Mothers’ Day,

3 Strategies To Achieve Professional Greatness

Imagine how impactful your one single action will be, especially if you are a woman empowering another woman. If the one woman you empower begins to impact the women around her to become inspired by her actions in life.

Tips for Defusing Violent Situations

5 Powerful Tips for Defusing Violent Situations

Growing up as an inner-city kid in Los Angeles, I’m no stranger to domestic and street violence.  I’ve been up close and personal with physical altercations with family, had bullets whizzing overhead, and witnessed armed assaults—you name it. After college, I later entered the world of corporate America, moved to a safer neighborhood, and experienced