Australia Gives Twtiter 28 Days To Clean Up Hate Speech

The Australian cyber watchdog has given 28 days ultimatum to twitter to clean up its platform from hate speech. The Australian internet safety watchdog wanted the platform to respond to multiple complaints filed against it or face a penalty of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most Complained Platform

Australia’s eSafety commissioner  Julie Inman Grant said twitter has been receiving the most number of complaints despite having fewer users as compared to other platforms. Inman Grant, who used to work for twitter, said “Twitter appears to have dropped the ball on tackling hate”. The platform has been given 28 days to show that the company was doing everything to eradicate the hate speech or face a $476,000 fine for each day after the due deadline.

62,000 Accounts Reactivated

Grant said twitter had reactivated around 62,000 accounts that were responsible for spreading hatred including those linked to Nazi ideology. She further said that the complaints have drastically increased and the platform has become more toxic when Elon Musk took over it last year.

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