Trump Promises To End Birth Citizenship if Elected Again

Former US President Donald Trump has vowed to revoke the 14th amendment if he was elected as President in 2024. In reference to the illegal immigrants, he said he’ll not allow birthright citizenship for the children of “illegal aliens” on American soil.

Illegal Aliens

The former President, throughout his political career, campaigned against the illegal immigrants, sometimes using derogatory language in his speeches. On Tuesday, he compared the immigrants who cross the US border illegally to aliens. He argued further that the policy change will deter the immigrants from flocking into the country.

14th Amendment is Misinterpreted

Donald Trump also claimed that the part of the constitution that deals with the automatic U.S. citizenship, was deliberately misinterpreted and was based on “historical myth”. He said that from day 1, he’ll sign an executive order to inform the federal agencies about the correct interpretation of the 14th amendment.

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