Elon Musk Arrives in China To Discuss Tesla’s Future

Tesla boss Elon Musk has arrived in Beijing for the first time in three years. Elon Musk arrived in China on Tuesday and met Chinese foreign, commerce and industry ministers. Musk didn’t disclose the reason for his visit amid increasing tensions between China and the US as he declined to comment when asked by reporters.

Musk Willing to Expand Business

In a statement, the Chinese foreign ministry said that the Tesla CEO was willing to expand the car manufacturing business in China. The Chinese industry ministry said that they had a detailed discussion with Musk about the development of electric vehicles in a country which is considered Tesla’s largest export market after the US. 

US & China Are Conjoined Twins

Elon Musk was welcomed wholeheartedly by the Chinese government at a time when the relationship between China and the US hangs in uncertainty. He said he considered both China and the US as “conjoined twins” that could work to enhance cooperation.

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