Stars Are Expected To Vanish in 20 Years, Scientists Warn

Scientists have warned that stars will disappear in 20 years as light pollution continues to increase on earth. Scientists have been continuously warning about increasing space activity and light pollution on earth, both of which are contributing extensively to a future where people will not be able to see the beautiful stars at night.

Light Pollution is Threatening Stars

According to a British astronomer Martin Rees, the night sky has played an important role in the civilizational history of human beings. But light pollution has increased dramatically in the last 7 years which is literally eroding what humans have had since the start. “The night sky is part of our environment and it would be a major deprivation if the next generation never got to see it”, he said.

Milky Way Not Visible to 1/3

Astronomers in 2016 reported that the Milky Way wasn’t visible to around 30% of humanity. A German scientist named Christopher Kyba mentioned that a child born in a location where he or she can observe 250 stars during nighttime would only see 100 stars when he or she reaches the age of 18.

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