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Stars Are Expected To Vanish in 20 Years, Scientists Warn

Scientists have warned that stars will disappear in 20 years as light pollution continues to increase on earth. Scientists have been continuously warning about increasing space activity and light pollution on earth, both of which are contributing extensively to a future where people will not be able to see the beautiful stars at night.

Study Shows Scientists Can Now Collect DNA From Thin Air

Scientists can now collect DNA samples from sand footprints, air and even water, according to scientists who were studying sea turtles. Researchers from the University of Florida were studying environmental DNA in which they accidently found human DNA, which can be used to trace individuals.

WHO Says Global Covid Health Emergency Is Over

The World Health Organization has announced that the global covid health emergency is finally over. WHO has declared that the days of covid virus are over, and it no longer poses threat to human survival on a global level.

Japanese Ship Sunk By US In WW2 Discovered After 80 Years

Wreckage of the Japanese ship that sank during World War 2 has been discovered. The ship named SS Montevideo Maru was hit by torpedoes launched by the US submarine near the coast of Philippines on first of July, 1942. The US submarine was unaware of the fact the ship was carrying Australian prisoners of war.

Mcdonald’s Is Temporarily Shutting Down US Offices

Mcdonal’s is set to shut down its offices in the US amid plans to lay off some of its employees. The Wall Street Journal reported that Mcdonal’s has asked some of its employees to work from home so that it can think of how many employees to lay off.

Putin Ally Belarus Sentenced Noble Prize Winner To 10 Years

A Belarusian court sentenced a renowned noble prize winner Ales Bialiatski to 10 years in jail. Bialiatski was one of the three Nobel peace prize winners in 2022. He was accused of smuggling and illegally supporting the activities of the opposition back in 2021. He was arrested amid civil unrest and protests to reject the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko, now president of Belarus. 

China To Boost Nuclear Warheads To 900 by 2035

The Chinese government has been increasing its nuclear stockpile to 900 in the next 13 years. As the tensions with the United States continue to escalate, China is setting its eyes on the nearby Taiwan island, according to Japanese non-profit news agency, Kyodo News. The US military analysts hinted last year that China is increasing its nuclear warheads.

Remote Job Listings Running Out

LinkedIn data shows that remote job listings are declining. The falling offers to work from home or anywhere come at a time when job seekers show increased appetite for remote work.

Netflix’s Latest Anti-Password Sharing Update

Back in April, Netflix made it clear that it wants to make password and account sharing a paid practice. Now, the streaming platform has an update on how it plans to implement paid sharing. According to this update, Netflix will prompt users to pay an additional fee if they use an account on a TV or TV-connected device at a location outside their primary household for over two weeks. Each additional home will cost an extra $1.17 USD to $2.99 USD depending upon the region.