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Alabama Begins Removing Racist Language From Its Constitution

The state government of Alabama is drafting amendments to its 1901 State Constitution that would remove, among other things, discriminatory language. The changes would mark the end of the last remaining legal remnants of what are generally referred to as Jim Crow laws, which created a state-sponsored education system separated by race, and in which

Afghan Air Force Pilots Getting Out Of Uzbekistan For US Shelter

The group of Afghan Air Force pilots and their relatives who escaped from Taliban occupied Afghanistan and took shelter in Uzbekistan with their aircraft, flew away to a US-controlled shelter this weekend, however, the future of their aircraft remained unknown. The Uzbek government now can breathe in peace as they were facing immersive pressure by the

New York Gets Its First Lady Governor, Kathy Hochul

(ALBANY, NY) – At midnight Tuesday, Kathy Hochul, became governor of New York, after the ouster of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, leading to his resignation effective the same day. She holds the distinction of being the first female governor in the history of the State of New York. Hochul served as Lieutenant Governor of New York

Pentagon Forces Commercial Airlines to Fly Afghan Evacuees

The Pentagon said Sunday it had ordered a rarely used program that forces commercial airlines to be used in times of a national emergency, activating 18 civilians airlines to help evacuate Afghans from Europe and the Middle East. The orders to the commercial airlines, only the third time in 70 years, came as part of

North Carolina’s New Bill Embodies The Legal Marriage Age To Be 16

North Carolina Lawmakers’ new objective is to reduce and promote restrictions on child marriage, with a number of unanimous votes, the lawmakers are all set, however not fully set to outlaw it. They are legalizing the marriage age to 16 from 14. The legislation was passed by the Week last week and on Tuesday by

Chaos as Taliban Close in on Kabul, Afghan Army Surrenders in Mass

Taliban fighting forces have begun to surround the outskirts of the Afghan capital city of Kabul. The resurgent Taliban military appears to be on the verge of resuming power after nearly two decades fighting Western allied powers in their homeland. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has called on the international community to help the Afghan government

Pentagon Mandates COVID-19 Vaccination For All The Service Staff

Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Défense, said on Monday that Covid-19 vaccination would be mandatory for U.S service members by mid-September to pursue President Biden’s strategy to combat the highly contagious Delta variant still spreading across the country. Army Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote in his memo announcing the new rules

Hackers Increase Crop Yields By 50% Using RNA Tweak

Researchers at the University of Chicago touted a breakthrough in gene editing of vegetables to improve crop yields this week. The results of the research were published in the journal Nature Biotechnology. By using a protein to selectively erase certain parts of a plant’s RNA, they were able to produce 50% improvements in crop yields

Ontario Police Investigates Indigenous Boarding School-Deaths

In Ottawa, the chief community chief reported, Ontario First Nation Community’s local police force is launching a criminal investigation where more or less 200 indigenous students were found dead at the state-run former boarding school. Reopening wounds on the country’s forever mistreatment of indigenous citizens. Mark Hill, chief of Six Nations of the Grand River

Your Smartphone Is About to Become As Smart As You

AI has gripped the public imagination and attention for years now. Quite literally— making decisions for us and about us behind the scenes, in supercomputing core nodes on the cloud network. It influences what we see and think when we use our devices, an influence that is increasingly more intertwined with our “real” lives this

Woman With Cerebral Palsy To Climb Stairs For Fundraiser

Don’t call her a victim. 24-year-old Becca Neels doesn’t think of herself as one. She has cerebral palsy and walks with the help of a cane in each hand, with supports that wrap around her forearms so they don’t wobble to help her balance. CP is a brain disorder, usually from birth, that leaves a

Rhode Island Makes Financial Literacy A Required Class For All High School Students

Forget high school financial literacy for a moment–– adult financial literacy in America is shockingly low. Maybe not that shocking: The U.S. national debt recently soared past $30 trillion, leaving pensioners and younger generations wondering how the federal government will meet all its outstanding obligations. If Congress can’t even set a balanced budget, what hope is