May 30, 2023

Australian Troops Banned From Alcohol During Operations

Australian troops have been banned from drinking alcohol during military operations and exercises. The ban will be applied to all the Australian soldiers that are currently deployed or yet to be deployed both inside and outside the country. 

Stars Are Expected To Vanish in 20 Years, Scientists Warn

Scientists have warned that stars will disappear in 20 years as light pollution continues to increase on earth. Scientists have been continuously warning about increasing space activity and light pollution on earth, both of which are contributing extensively to a future where people will not be able to see the beautiful stars at night.

Experts Worry Deep Fakes Could Threaten 2024 US Elections

Deep Fakes have been threatening elections around the world including the recent Turkish elections. Now experts have started to worry about the upcoming 2024 US elections as they think Deep Fakes could spread disinformation and disrupt the electoral process. Darrell West, from Brookings Institution’s Center for Technology Innovation, said both the supporters of Trump and Biden are going to use AI to mislead the public.