Russian Scientist Says Russia Lost 50k Scientists In 5 Years

According to a senior member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia has lost around 50,000 scientists in the last five years. Valentin Parmon said that Russia has been constantly losing its key research scientists since 2014, when it annexed Crimea from Ukraine.

Working in Russia Have Become Difficult For Young Scientists

Russia Is Missing Capable People

According to a Russian mathematician, Viktor Antonovich, in the last 10 years, Russia has lost more than 25% of the research  scientists under the age of 30, a significant decline at times when scientists are considered the backbone of powerful economies. The situation has gotten worse as more and more young scientists are constantly leaving Russia, Valentin Parmon said.

1/3 Russian Students Have Expressed Desire To Leave, According To a Survey

Why Are Scientists Leaving?

The scientists, specially the youth, have been leaving Russia because of state interference in their research work that they carry out. “We simply do not understand how to continue with our work,” a letter from the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics said in a letter when three of its scientists were arrested after publishing a paper. 

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