May 20, 2023

Car Crashes In Canada Kills More Police Officers Than Guns

A new report from the University of Ottawa researchers have revealed that Police officers in Canada are more likely to die from car crashes as compared to shooting incidents. Car crashes were the leading cause of death among officers on duty, the researchers said.

Russian Scientist Says Russia Lost 50k Scientists In 5 Years

According to a senior member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia has lost around 50,000 scientists in the last five years. Valentin Parmon said that Russia has been constantly losing its key research scientists since 2014, when it annexed Crimea from Ukraine.

Europe Dumps 90% Clothing Waste to Africa & Asia -Report

A report has surfaced which revealed that Europe dumps around 90% of its clothing and textile waste in the African and Asian continent. The numbers are staggering and if not tackled properly, could double the consequences both the continents are facing at the moment.