Astronomers Detected The Biggest Cosmic Explosion Ever

Astronomers have detected the largest space explosion at a distance of around 8 billion lightyears away. The intensity of the blast surpasses that of any documented space explosion, shining over 10 times brighter. Scientists said that the explosion was unlike typical supernovae, which remain visible for merely a few months.

Scientists Don’t Know The Cause

The explosion, which was named AT2021lwx by the scientists, was first spotted during an automated sweep of the sky in 2020. Experts have not yet been able to explain what caused the explosion as the scientific literature is silent about something so bright that has lasted that long, according to Dr Philip Wiseman from the University of Southampton, said.

Fireball Was 100x The Size of Solar System

The magnitude of the blast’s fireball was 100 times the size of our solar system, the researchers said. While referring to the explosion, Dr Robert Massey said, “We’ve never seen anything like this before”, as such an explosion has never ever been seen in the past by scientists.

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