Mexican Mom Sentenced To 16 Years For Dumping Her Baby

A Mexican mom was sentenced to 16 years in prison for throwing his newborn son into a dustbin last year. Alexis Avila was charged with attempted first-degree murder last month. She was convicted by Judge William Shoobridge on the fourth day of her trial.

CCTV Captured The Incident

The 19-year-old Alexis Avila was seen throwing her newborn son into a trash bin behind a shopping center, near the Texas border. Judge Shoobridge told Avila that if it weren’t for luck and divine intervention, he would have been considering a murder case sentence because there was a strong possibility that the child would have died.

Avila Apologize To Baby

While regretting what she did last year, Avila said that the only person she needs to apologize to is his little son who would be a year old now. The little baby was found in a dumpster after spending five cold hours in the winter of January 2022.

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