‘Godfather Of AI’ Quits Google And Warns Of AI Consequences

Geoffrey Hinton, a man known as the Godfather of AI, has resigned from his job at Google, citing dangers associated with the developments in the field. In his interview with the BBC, he warned of the dangers of misinformation and job takeovers as the AI advances further without checks.

AI Is Scary

Geoffrey Hinton said that some of the dangers associated with AI are “quite scary”. Hinton said that although his age played a role in his decision to retire, it was the dangers of AI that forced him to resign as he regretted his service for the tech giant. He emphasized more on the misinformation part of his argument, saying that AI can easily be exploited by authoritarian leaders to manipulate electoral processes.

Existential Threat

AI bots are getting more and more intelligent as time passes by, Hinton said. He said that the kind of intelligence we are creating is very different from the intelligence humans have. “I think they soon may be (more intelligent than humans)”, he said.

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