Scientists Say Blue Eyed Humans Have Common Ancestor

Blue eyes are rare as blue eyed humans constitute only 8% of earth’s population, which is fascinating and scary at the same time. A scientific study revealed another fun fact about blue eyed humans, which is that they all have a common ancestor.

One Ancestor

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen discovered that blue eyed humans have the same ancestor creating genetic mutation that occurred 6-10,000 years ago. A “switch” that deactivated the capacity to produce brown eyes evolved via a genetic mutation that affected the OCA2 gene located in our chromosomes. OCA2 is responsible for producing melanin which gives color to our hair, eyes and skin, said Professor Hans Eiberg, author of the study.

It Is How Nature Works

The evolution of eye color has no consequences and doesn’t interfere in the survival of human species on earth. It’s just how nature keeps on reshuffling the human genome in a way humans have not yet comprehended till this day, Professor Eiberg said.

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