April 29, 2023

French Prisons Are Overcrowded At 120% Capacity

The French prison population has swollen up to an unprecedented 73,080 inmates, 20% more than its capacity. The French ministry of Justice said that prisons in France have the capacity of 60,899 people and prisons are booming with new admissions risking lives of thousands of inmates in the country.

Scientists Say Blue Eyed Humans Have Common Ancestor

Blue eyes are rare as blue eyed humans constitute only 8% of earth’s population, which is fascinating and scary at the same time. A scientific study revealed another fun fact about blue eyed humans, which is that they all have a common ancestor.

Man Kills 5 Neighbors After family Complained About Gunfire

A man armed with an AR-style rifle shot and killed 5 members of the same family in Texas after the victims complained about him firing in his backyard. The suspect, probably drunk, went to his neighbor’s house and opened fire killing five on the spot including a child.

US Army Orders  Aviation Stand Down After Helicopter Crashes

The head of the US army has ordered to stand down all army aviators amid increasing incidents of helicopter crashes. The chief of staff of the US army James McConville said that the safety of US army personnel is the topmost priority as helicopter crashes took lives of 12 in the recent past.