French Prisons Are Overcrowded At 120% Capacity

The French prison population has swollen up to an unprecedented 73,080 inmates, 20% more than its capacity. The French ministry of Justice said that prisons in France have the capacity of 60,899 people and prisons are booming with new admissions risking lives of thousands of inmates in the country.

Some Prisons Are At 200% Capacity

According to the figures released by the justice ministry, some prisons have double the amount of inmates it can hold. Macron’s government has not even built extra prisons to reach an objective of 7,000 new spots, which can seriously threaten the well being of inmates behind walls.

Cold And Cockroaches

In 2020, the European Court of Human Rights criticized France for chronic overcrowding and awful prison conditions. In 2021, the Council of Europe’s Committee for the prevention of torture mentioned that French prison system was getting worst as the cells were to cockroaches and severe cold which goes against basic human rights.

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