China Planning To Build Moon Bases In 5 Years

According to reports from Chinese media, over 100 Chinese space contractors, scientists, and researchers gathered at a conference in Wuhan, to discuss strategies for constructing infrastructure on the moon. The scientific community agreed to start lunar base development by using the lunar soil, within five years from now.

Chinese Super Masons

Chinese engineers will be using highly advanced robots for making bricks from the lunar soil. Robots known as Chinese Super Masons, will be responsible for creating the “lunar soil brick” on the Chinese Chang’e-8 mission, scheduled for 2028. China aims to obtain the world’s initial soil sample from the moon’s far side by roughly 2025, Ding Lieyun, an engineer from the Chinese Academy said.

Astronauts Will Spend More Time

Once the lunar bases start functioning, the astronauts will be able to spend more time in the research stations. Lunar colonization will be a long journey as “It might take us 20 to 30 years or longer to eventually settle down on the moon,” Ding Lieyun said.

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