April 12, 2023

Google And Amazon Struggle To Cut Jobs In Europe

US tech giants are finding it hard to lay off workers in Europe. Unlike in the US where companies can lay off thousands of workers without having to face any consequences, strict labor laws in Europe makes it almost impossible to lay off workers. Companies must consult with labor interest groups prior to announcing the layoffs, leaving thousands of tech employees in confusion.

New Zealand Cabinet Becomes Gender Equal For First Time

New Zealand’s cabinet has become the most diverse one for the very first time. The country elected one of the most diverse parliaments in 2020, when then Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern increased the numbers of females and LGBT numbers. 

China Planning To Build Moon Bases In 5 Years

According to reports from Chinese media, over 100 Chinese space contractors, scientists, and researchers gathered at a conference in Wuhan, to discuss strategies for constructing infrastructure on the moon. The scientific community agreed to start lunar base development by using the lunar soil, within five years from now.