French Minister’s Inappropriate Playboy Cover Sparks Outrage

The French government’s minister has come under severe criticism after her photo made it to the Playboy’s magazine cover. Marlene Schiappa is the minister for social economy in the current French government and is known for her aggressive stance on women rights and LGBT. 

Criticized By Opponents & Colleagues

Schiappa has come under heavy fire not just by her political opponents, but her own party members as well. The French Prime Minister termed her photoshoot with Playboy as “inappropriate” amid severe protests in France. Sandrine Rousseau, a French national assembly member and women’s rights activist argued that the standing for women’s rights is good “but there’s a social context” one must respect, hinting at severe street protests.

Marlene Schiappa Responded

In response to the criticism, Schiappa tweeted “Defending the right of women to have control of their bodies, that’s everywhere and all the time”. It is clear that Schiappa has assumed that she is being criticized for standing up for women’s rights which is not true.

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