April 3, 2023

Online Class Cameras Cause Appearance Anxiety, Study Shows

The whole world turned online when the covid hit, turning everything from businesses, jobs, and education into a completely new dimension. Efficiency is being debated, but the anxiety part of online interaction has never been discovered. Recent study shows that online learning causes social appearance anxiety and reduces learning.

Democrat Lawmakers Stand Firm In Support Of TikTok

Amid global security concerns about the Chinese-owned app, some democrat lawmakers are firmly against banning TikTok. A week ago, TikTok’s CEO Shou Zi Chew, faced four and a half hours of questioning at the US congressional hearing where the CEO was thrown at uncomfortable questions whether or not TikTok is safe for American users.

French Minister’s Inappropriate Playboy Cover Sparks Outrage

The French government’s minister has come under severe criticism after her photo made it to the Playboy’s magazine cover. Marlene Schiappa is the minister for social economy in the current French government and is known for her aggressive stance on women rights and LGBT.