Bird Flu Has Killed 1,500 Sea Lions In Chile This Year

Bird Flu has killed more than 1,500 sea lions this year alone in Chile. With fears of spillover to humans, animals have been severely affected by the bird flu in the recent past. Within half a month, Avian flu has killed more than 1000, according to Chilean government officials. 

Penguins And Marine Otters

According to the official estimates, seventy dead sea lions were reported to have died on Friday. Most of these dead animals, 730 Humboldt penguins and 8 otter cats, were found in Santa María Island and some northern coastal areas of Chile. Experts are blaming the rise of avian bird flu for all the dead animals washed up on the shores, amid fears that the virus can spillover to humans as has happened in Chile and China.

Can Bird Flu Infect Humans?

There have been some rare cases of bird flu infecting humans but studies have shown that bird flu can’t transmit in such a way. China, Mexico and Chile have reported multiple cases of bird flu in the recent months, but the severity of infection is still under investigation.

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