Italy Bans ChatGPT Over Privacy

The revolutionary OpenAI’s ChatGPt is officially banned in Italy over privacy concerns. The Italian data protection authority banned the ChatGPt and said they are going to investigate the Chatbot for any privacy breach. The privacy watchdog restricted US-owned OpenAI and said the ban will persist until it respects the rules of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

ChatGPT Responsible For Misinformation

The Italian privacy watchdog also accused ChatGPT of providing misinformation to its users, saying that the responses provided by the Chatbot “does not always match factual circumstances”. The Italian watchdog also argued that the Chatbot responds with inappropriate answers to kids, which exposes them to sensitive information at a very young age.

ChatGPT To Be Fined €20m

If ChatGPt fails to comply with the rules of EU’s GDPR, then it might face a penalty of €20m. The OpenAI chatbot must report to the Italian data protection authority within 20 days about the steps it had taken to ensure privacy, otherwise it’ll have to face a fine of up to either €20m or 4% of annual global revenue.

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