NASA Turns To AI to Shield Earth From Solar Storms

The Sun has been bearing events that have consequences for humans living on earth, like solar storms. Also known as magnetic storms, solar storms are an abrupt emission of a huge amount of electromagnetic radiation on the sun’s surface. NASA is now turning to Artificial intelligence to counter the effects of solar storms and other events that affect earth.


NASA is turning to shield the earth from external happenings in space, by using AI. By using a computer program called DAGGER, to use previous analysis and predict future space abruptions. The DAGGER uses “deep learning” AI technique to generate forecasts based upon studies from previous space samples. 

Predictions Update Each Minute

By using the AI, scientists can predict the effects of solar storms 30 minutes before they occur. The predictions will be updated every minute to come up with fresh analysis for the scientists to study and prepare if there’s any perceived threat.

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