March 31, 2023

NASA Turns To AI to Shield Earth From Solar Storms

The Sun has been bearing events that have consequences for humans living on earth, like solar storms. Also known as magnetic storms, solar storms are an abrupt emission of a huge amount of electromagnetic radiation on the sun’s surface. NASA is now turning to Artificial intelligence to counter the effects of solar storms and other events that affect earth.

Pirates Abandoned Danish Ship, Kidnapped Crew Members

A week ago, Pirates kidnapped a Danish-owned oil tanker and abandoned it after kidnapping some of its crew members. The oil tanker Monjasa Reformer was found abandoned in the Sao Tome and Principe but some of the crew members were missing, Monjasa said.

Trump Will Surrender To Court On Tuesday, Lawyer Says

Former President is likely to be arrested in the coming week after he was indicted by the Manhattan jury. Trump was charged after years long investigation into the hush money he paid to the adult actress just before the 2016 election campaign.