March 29, 2023

McDonald’s To Increase Prices On Popular Items

For the second time in just six weeks, Mcdonald’s has announced to increase prices for a number of items on its menu. The fast-food chain announced the decision amid serious inflation and labor costs. The last price hike was seen on 15 February when it raised prices of five single menu items, although Mcdonal’s is not alone doing all this.

Leaking Russian Spacecraft Returns Back To Earth

A damaged Russian spacecraft returned back to earth after reporting a slight leak at the International Space Station months ago. In February, A tiny meteorite punctured the outer surface of Russian Soyuz MS-22, causing it to be less than one millimeter in diameter.

Scotland Elects its First Muslim Government Head

Hamza Yousaf has been elected as the First Minister or the head of the government by the Scottish parliament, becoming the first ever Muslim government head in the history of Western Europe’s history. The former First Minister from the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon, resigned in February, creating confusion of who is going to become the new First Minister.