‘Clearview’ Facial Recognition AI Scan Millions For US Police

According to the founder of the facial recognition AI firm, Clearview has run a million searches for the US police. The firm has come under legal scrutiny lately after it has been accused of breaching privacy, but the US police seems to worry less about the legal issues. Clearview can come up with photo suggestions it scrapes from other social media platforms like Facebook.

Most Powerful Facial Recognition Tool

Clearview’s technology enables anyone to upload a photo of an individual’s face and it automatically conducts searches for matches within its database containing billions of collected images. The system then provides links to online locations where matching images can be found. Clearview is considered as one of the most accurate and powerful facial recognition tools.

Possibility Of Mistaken Identity

While there have been a few documented cases of facial recognition errors made by the police, the actual numbers are believed to be much higher due to the lack of information and transparency in the Police department. Clearview’s effectiveness is dependent on the quality of images it receives, which implies that it may not produce 100% accurate results every time, a point the CEO of Clearview acknowledges.

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