March 28, 2023

Australian Man Unearths Massive Gold Nugget Worth $160k

An Australian gold digger has found a massive gold nugget weighing around 4.6 kilogram in the goldfields of Victoria. The gold nugget was discovered in the area known as “Golden Triangle”, famous for its fertile agricultural land. 

‘Clearview’ Facial Recognition AI Scan Millions For US Police

According to the founder of the facial recognition AI firm, Clearview has run a million searches for the US police. The firm has come under legal scrutiny lately after it has been accused of breaching privacy, but the US police seems to worry less about the legal issues. Clearview can come up with photo suggestions it scrapes from other social media platforms like Facebook.

Woman Shooter Kills 6 Including 3 Children in Nashville School

Woman shooter reportedly killed six people including three minors after she opened fire at a Christian school in Nashville. The 28-year-old Audrey Hale could be seen shooting the entrance gate of the school where she opened fire indiscriminately. The suspect was eliminated by the police after they arrived at the scene within 15 minutes.