Australian Man Unearths Massive Gold Nugget Worth $160k

An Australian gold digger has found a massive gold nugget weighing around 4.6 kilogram in the goldfields of Victoria. The gold nugget was discovered in the area known as “Golden Triangle”, famous for its fertile agricultural land. 

Never Seen Before

Darren Kamp, who has been involved in the gold prospecting business for 43 years, said that he had never come across such a rock, with a huge quantity of gold in it. The last such specimen he discovered was 10 years ago, when he discovered a 24-ounce piece, worth around $46,753. Kamp said that the rock was very dirty which made it hard for the spotter to spot the gold. He was surprised after a little clean up.

Worth A Shot

Darren Kamp used a cheap Minelab Equinox 800 detector for this discovery, costing roughly around $800. The discovery was worth it, comparing it with the outcome Kamp got by using such a cheap 800-dollar machine.

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