Asteroid Study Uncovers Mystery Of Life On Earth

The origin of life on earth has always been one of the most interesting subjects of discovery for scientists. The strongest of theories that suggest how life on earth originated credits our solar system for the inception of living beings. A team of scientists have found a key ingredient of life taken from the asteroid Ryugu in 2018, suggesting that life on earth could have come from space.

Scientists Found Uracil

Scientists, while investigating the Ryugu or carbonaceous asteroid, found Uracil, one of the crucial elements that make the RNA and DNA molecules. Previous samples couldn’t provide accurate information as scientists speculated that the asteroids may have been contaminated on Earth. But the new sample was brought back in a tightly sealed container, that’s why scientists are positive about the outcome. 

155 Million Miles Of Journey

Sealed in a tight capsule, the samples from Ryugu were transported 155 million miles back to earth in 2020. The Japanese Astrochemist Asuhiro Oba said that scientists are suspecting that the findings of study are expected to unravel the role these elements played in the evolution of life on earth.

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