March 18, 2023

Donald Trump Fears Arrest On Tuesday, Calls For Protests

The Former US President Donald Trump has called for mass protests across the country as he fears arrest. Trump said he is expecting to be arrested on Tuesday in a hush money case that he paid to a former adult actress. He has called upon his supporters to rally across the country ahead of his alleged arrest.

Scientists Discover Glacier Underneath Mars Surface

Scientists have been searching whether the red planet ever had water on its surface. Water, being important to life, could indicate chances of future human civilization on Mars, as per scientific hypotheses. Images from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter or the MRO recently showed possible glacier beneath white salt-like structures, named “relict glacier” by scientists.

Australian River Finds Millions Of Dead Fish

Millions of dead fish were washed up to the side of the river in New South Wales’ (NSW) town of Menindee. The dead fish covered 30 kilometers of area above the Darling-Baaka river, the third longest river in Australia. The residents said the smell was unbearable as millions of fish float around the surface of the river, most probably due to the heatwaves affecting the river.