Australian River Finds Millions Of Dead Fish

Millions of dead fish were washed up to the side of the river in New South Wales’ (NSW) town of Menindee. The dead fish covered 30 kilometers of area above the Darling-Baaka river, the third longest river in Australia. The residents said the smell was unbearable as millions of fish float around the surface of the river, most probably due to the heatwaves affecting the river.

30 Kilometers Of Dead Fish

The dead fish covered an area of around 30 kilometers, according to a local resident, as he tried to clean the river from the dead fish. The rotting smell had made life unbearable for the 500 residents that live in the far-west New South Wales, near the Darling-Baaka river. Amid intense summer heat, the residents will not be able to use the river water for washing and showering for weeks.

Human Induced Climate Change

The longer duration of heat waves, caused by human induced climate change, is causing the river to heat up and dry quickly. As the world’s temperatures rise to new heights, such incidents are unlikely to be prevented unless the world’s largest economies put an end to greenhouse gas emissions.

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